Super Fun House of Sexual Depravity

My copy of Platinum is used and had no cover, so I made one. I spent so much longer on this than I should have. I am never drawing Giratina again. I had so much more I wanted to add to this, but there was just no room. I might have to use those ideas later. 

The “features” list on the back came out so much more bitter and sarcastic than expected. D/P/Pt is my least favorite gen, but I didn’t hate it THAT much. Also I actually like Bidoof and don’t know why it gets so much hate.

This basically sums up why Cyrus is awesome. I mean Poke-Antimatter-Satan-Ghost-Dragon-God shows up and he’s just like “GTFO”. Giratina still kicks his ass of course, but that still takes major balls (or just major crazy).

The Deviantart post has downloadable full sized version is all correctly sized for printing (300 DPI), but it’s a teeny bit larger than printer paper, so you’ll have to cut the image in half and print each side seperately. 

Forgive my crappy photos of my printed cover. My camera is bad and my photography skills are worse. 

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